"We walked away from jobs that paid us almost $350,000 per year."


"Our One Year Challenge replaces that income by earning passive income, residual income and online income."


We are Kashlee & Mike.

Kashlee Parmiter & Michael Huber


In 2013 , we realized that the way we were living our lives did not align with the way we wanted to live our lives.  Like almost every person we knew, we were trading our time for our money.  

It was not an easy decision for us to walk away from two, 6-figure incomes that provided us with all we needed.  But we did.

Now we are teaching business builders and entrepreneurs how to harness the POWER of Internet Marketing & Network Marketing.  Our clients range from individuals looking to ditch their 9-5's and run along side us, small business owners wanting to reach VIRAL levels of promotion and even the classic corporate worker only looking to make a little cha-ching on the side using the net!


We know ANY business could use a little leverage in this competitive space.  If you want to learn how to send streams of traffic to your site, capture massive amounts of leads and convert those visitors to sales, find out how we can help!


On March 1, 2014, we start our 'One Year To Freedom' challenge.

Join us in our exciting adventure as we document how to turn your back on traditional time for money employment while replacing our incomes with residual and passive income alternatives.  


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Latest BLOG Entries

Why I Became a Beachbody Coach

Since ditching the 9-5 and working mainly from home (and with my ass sitting all day in front of a screen) I was feeling a little 'meh'.  Basically, and don't mind my promotion here, but Beachbody was going to allow me to get in awesome shape, for an amazing price and I could make a handsome income at the same time....

Market Your Business For FREE!

So...how do you advertise and market your business for free? 

Step 1 - Your Current Network


Why Telemarketers Hang Up On ME

I know, it's usually the other way around.  Even though telemarketing has been on the decline as of late. there is still a market for calling businesses.   As anyone who has purchased a domain without privacy or created a Google Places for their business knows, you are going to get a call.  So let me tell you why Telemarketers hang up on me.....

Affairs, Sleazy Media & Marketing

My opinion on this post, the company who promoted it and the trashy attempt at content 'virality?  

I am totally and utterly appalled with every fiber of my being.  The write about such a delicate subject as if they were talking about football game stats or MLS sales data.

Why are you on Google Plus?

Aah, The divided 'Google +' platform and its polarity of lovers and haters with a small cluster of confused users in the middle.  Which pile do you find yourself in?  Are you aligning yourself with the influencers, daily users and advocates of the social network, or are you grouping together with the side that still declares "Google + is DEAD!"? (Even IF they have never before logged into the system... how clairvoyant!) 

How To Improve Your 'People Skills' Online

They need some work....especially when it comes to interacting with others online.  You are running social media accounts for your brand or company and those robotic tweets are getting you nowhere fast.  

How we live 'The Dream Life'

Try this today- Ask someone (a friend, stranger, colleague, anyone!) what the 'Dream Life' means to them and most likely you will hear one of the following:

Grow Your Blog Readership With This EASY Step!

All bloggers know that obtaining and KEEPING your readership levels consistently high is a tough thing to do!  Wouldn't it be nice if you could deliver them your valuable content in a way that would not be intrusive, but instead convenient?

Why Every Business Should Have an Aweber Account

 The hardest part of E-Commerce is to first establish a steady stream of traffic. Assuming that a business has done that, the next most difficult task is ensuring repeat business from those customers.  Aweber makes this EASY....

Why You Should Be Blogging

We as consumers are starting to revoke our trust from the faceless conglomerates and re-invest our loyalty to the businesses and brands that we connect with.  As this shift occurs, people are increasingly engaging online with industry experts who possess that 'personal touch'.   

Time Freedom

Time Freedom

One Year Challenge

One Year Challenge

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Project AWOL Team - Another Way Of Life.  Work Less, Live More!    Get into our group!

Project AWOL Team - Another Way Of Life.  Work Less, Live More!    Get into our group!